I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Southwark, England. For nine years up till July 2010, I was parish priest at St Simon Stock Catholic Church, South Ashford, Kent, England. In July 2010 I came to the diocese of Marquette, Michigan for a sabbatical year to review and refresh before taking up a new appointment in Southwark and was appointed Associate Pastor at St Peter's Cathedral, Marquette, Michigan USA. My stay has been extended by a further six years. As from July 1st 2011 I was pastor at the parish of St Anthony, Gwinn, MI. In October 2013 I moved to Portland in Oregon to become the Director of the Archdiocesan Tribunal. As from February 2015 I am also Pastor of the parish of St. Stephen in SE Portland.

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St Simon Stock Catholic Church, South Ashford, Kent, where
I was parish priest from 12th March 2001 to 6th July 2010.


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